Women’s haircut     $49

Men’s haircut     $29

Children’s haircut (10 and under)     $24

Bang Trim     $5 (Complimentary for returning clients)

Beard Trim     $14


DEVACURL Services  

Devacut   $79     The Devacut is a hair technique specifically  for women who have curly hair. With this technique, each curl is cut individually and normally at an angle so as to not disrupt the curl pattern, allowing for your beautiful natural curls to look amazing.

Children’s Devacut (10 and under) $49

Curly Hair Wash and Blowdry   $49   Wash and blowdry for curly hair using the Devacurl technique.

Full Color $74+

Color Touch Up $59+

Bounce Back Treatment $64 The service begins with Buildup Buster Micellar Water Cleansing Serum for a rejuvenating deep cleanse, followed with a mask treatment for moisture or strength. Your Deva stylist will choose between Melt Into Moisture that deeply hydrates and softens extra dry curls or Deep Sea Repair to revive and strengthen damaged waves or curls. Your stylist may choose to use with or without heat.

Wash Day Wonder Add On - $34 Wash Day Wonder has you—and your curls—covered. If you have tangles, knots or matted curls, this silky, lightweight pre-cleanse de-tangler will help you sail through your No-Poo and One Condition routine with ease! The end result is soft de-tangled curls. Suitable for all curl types.

Build Up Buster Add On - $24 If your hair has lost its mojo due to buildup from products, hard water, or environmental stressors, this rinse-out cleansing serum will bring all curl types back to life!

When arriving for a Devacurl appointment, it is requested that you arrive with your hair washed, de-tangled, and dry, otherwise a $25 surcharge may apply. All DevaCurl pricing is based upon consultation and is based on hair length, texture, and density.





Eyebrow Tinting    $10

Men’s color     $39

Color Touch-up     $59

Full Color     $74

Bleach and Tone     $109

A Few Foils     $39 (up to 10 foils)

Partial Foil     $84

Full Foil     $109

Toner     $34

Toner with service     $24

Balayage     $139 & up

Ombre     $119 & up

Corrective Color    Priced upon consultation

Additional Color (after 4oz)    2oz $7     4oz $14



Wash and Blow-dry     $34

Thermal Styling with service $14   without service  $19

Blow-dry after a color service     $24

Up-do     $69

Wedding Hair     Priced upon consultation

Hair Extensions    Priced upon consultation     



Brazilian Blowout     $299 (Includes Aftercare Shampoo & Conditioner)

Brazilian Blowout Split End Repairing Treatment     $49    

Deep Conditioning Under The Dryer     $24

Demi-Permanent Conditioning Treatment      $34



EGA Signature Manicure     $16

EGA MAN-icure (Men's manicure - no polish) - $14

Spa Manicure      $24

No-chip Manicure     $29

Polish Change     $12

EGA Signature Pedicure*     $23

Mini Pedicure*     $24

Spa Pedicure*     $34

French add on     $5

Design add on     $2 per nail

*All of our pedicures are performed using non-jetted pedicure spas which allow for the use of disposable liners making our system much more hygienic than traditional pedicure spas which are very difficult if not impossible to clean properly . Our chairs offer a shiatsu back massage while the pedicure spas offer heat and vibration allowing the water to maintain its temperature throughout the pedicure, another feature that typical pedicure spas don't offer. So come in an relax while knowing that your feet are being taken care of in the most hygienic way possible!


Eyebrows     $14

Lip     $12

Chin     $12

Nose    $12

Sides of the face     $12

Full Face     $59

Full Arm     $44

Lower Arm     $29

Under Arm     $19

Full Leg     $59

Lower Leg     $34

Back     $39

Chest     $39

Bikini     $24

Brazilian Bikini     $34

Full Brazilian     $49



Mini Facial     $44

(30 min customized facial based on your skin type, does not include extractions)

EGA Signature Facial     $69

(1 hour facial includes extractions and is customized based on your skin type and needs)

EGA Clinical Facial     $89

(1 hr 15 min facial includes extractions, customized based on your skin condition perfect for rosacea, acne, hyper pigmentation or aging)

Men’s Facial     $69

(1 hour facial includes extractions and is customized based on your skin type and needs)

Chemical Peel     $109

(Deep exfoliation of your skin, good for helping to eliminate hyper pigmentation, can help reduce acne scars, and help to minimize wrinkles, among other benefits. Requires consultation prior to appointment)

Back Cleaning Treatment   $69

(Deep cleaning of the pores on the back, includes exfoliation, extraction, and masque. Great for clients with concerns about acne breakouts on their back)

Body Peel   $129

(Good for any part of the body, this service is a deep exfoliation of any part of the body. Requires consultation prior to service)



Make Up Application     Pricing available upon consultation


EGA Spa Packages

Ultimate Spa Day   $159

Our Ultimate Spa Day includes a Haircut, No-Chip Manicure, Spa Pedicure, an EGA Signature Facial, and lunch. Total value of this package is $209

Quick Escape   $119

Our Quick Escape package includes a Spa Pedicure, Spa Manicure, and a Clinical Facial. Total value of this package is $152